For all enthusiasts of great and exceptional design, we have prepared in our store a unique offer of one of the most significant designers of the twentieth century. The Danish designer Verner Panton and his works are a real treat for all people who love art in their interiors.
The work of this designer, the lighting that he created, inspiring the world around us, the source of light without its direct exposure, work overfilled with futurism, timeless beauty, are patterns that are recognizable around the world.
Models that he created from various materials such as mother of pearl, metal or plastic has been used in innovative production techniques, he created a slick and unique dialogue between the colors and the unusual form, is the real signature of the artist.
The lamps and furniture created by Verner Panton are full of knowledge drawn from architecture, great talent and vision. All models have an extremely strong visual impact on the space in which they appear. These are gems of design. You can not pass by them indifferently. These are real works of art for lovers of beauty.
With each product, you will find the date of its creation.
Together with the purchased model, you will receive a certificate with the number confirming the authenticity of the product. All products are extremely well protected during transport.
The company Verpan from Denmark is constantly producing these unique works, to this day. In our store, you can buy them and enjoy an extrinsically beautiful design in your own home space.