1.1. Regulations define the general terms, conditions and manner of sales by SKYDECOR Sp. z o.o. based in Poznan (hereinafter: ” SKYDECOR ” ) using the online store www.skydecor.pl (hereinafter : “SKYDECOR Store”) and defines the terms and conditions for the sales by SKYDECOR electronically.

1.2. The administrator of personal data of users of the Service is ” SKYDECOR ” Ltd. based at Swiebodzinska street, 76/ 60-162 Poznań, registered at the National Court Register maintained by the District Court in Poznań under number 000057805 , NIP 7792434774 , REGON : 362596676 , e – mail: info@skydecor.pl , telephone number: 604326020, hereinafter referred to as “Administrator” .

1.3 The Website Users are its customers, i.e. the persons and entities benefiting from the services provided through the Service as defined in the SKYDECOR Store Regulations.

1.4 Providing personal data of the customers is voluntary, to the extent required to fulfil orders placed via the site or to register. Every person whose personal data processed Administrator has the right to access, update and correct them.

1.5. The administrator collects data of its clients such as: name, address, email, phone, address of delivery includes: street name and number, postal code, city , email address and country.


2.1. WORKING DAYS – days from Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

2.2. CUSTOMER – a person or entity to which it may be concluded Purchase Agreement electronically in accordance with the applicable law regulations.

2.3. PRODUCTS – the goods offered and available in the SKYDECOR online store, movable goods subject of sales contracts.

2.4. INTERNET SHOP – www.skydecor.pl domain that SKYDECOR sells the goods.

2.5. PURCHASE/SALE AGREEMENT – sales contract concluded between the customer and SKYDECOR electronically on the terms specified in the regulations, through an online store .

2.6. SKYDECOR SELLER – economic activity conducted in the form of a limited liability SKYDECOR Ltd. address : Swiebodzinska Str. 76, 60-162 Poznan, NIP (Tax registration number) 7792434774, REGON (Statistical registration number) 362596676, e-mail address info@skydecor.pl , registered at the National Court Register under KRS number 000057805.

2.7. ORDER/FORM ORDER – the Customer’s Folded using the form aimed directly to make a contract of purchase from SKYDECOR internet shop.

2.8. DELIVERY – providing to the customer of SKYDECOR store specified in the Order and paid product or products, through selected the delivery option.

2.9. DELIVERY ADDRESS – implemented address by the customer, indicated in the form of delivery.

2.10. REGULATIONS – these Terms and Conditions of the SKYDECOR online shop.


3.1. SKYDECOR Ltd. has all copyrights and property to SKYDECOR shop, intellectual property rights to its name, logo, domain, website and web store.

3.2. SKYDECOR Ltd. reserve the rights to place on the shop’s website SKYDECOR advertisements about products and services of third parties.

3.3. SKYDECOR store customer is obliged to use our services in a manner consistent with the law, shop rules and good manners, respecting personal rights, copyright and intellectual property of the company and third parties. It is required to enter personal data in line with their actual status. The customer has prohibition providing illegal content.

3.4. Shop SKYDECOR and its website can not be used to send spam.

3.5. The customer has the right to use SKYDECOR store pages, only for personal use.

3.6. SKYDECOR Ltd. will provide all its effort for its customers, to use online SKYDECOR shop with all popular web browsers, operating systems , device types and types of Internet connections .


4.1. To create an account and make purchases the customer is obliged to register at no charge, fill in all fields. The information should relate to the customer and to be truthful.

4.2. Customer should consult and confirm that read the Terms and Conditions SKYDECOR store.

4.3. Registration form is approve and acceptance by the customer of the Regulations.

4.4. Send the completed form is also authorized to process the Client’s personal data contained in the registration form in order to complete the purchase and send acknowledgments and other services offered by SKYDECOR Sp. o.o.

4.5.Client has the right to administer their personal data given in the form.


5.1. All posted prices on the SKYDECOR shop, are gross prices (including the VAT tax) by each product.

5.2. Prices do not include delivery costs in Poland.

5.3. All product prices are quoted in PLN.

5.4. The final and total value of the contract binding the customer side by buying SKYDECOR Goods from the online store are in Basket, delivery by currier DPD.

5.5. The customer can choose following forms of payment:

5.5.1. Bank transfers handled by external Payments System PayU SA located seat in Poznan.

SKYDECOR starts realization of the contract by sending the customer confirmation of the order after receiving from the PayU System confirmation of the Client payment.

5.5.2. Bank transfer to the SKYDECOR bank account.

SKYDECOR starts realization of the order, by sending confirmation to the customer and after receiving payment to the bank account, will ship the ordered goods .

5.5.3. Payment on delivery.

SKYDECOR starts realization of the order and shipping ordered goods, after sending confirmation to the customer. Client pays by delivery of the ordered goods.

5.6. The client cannot connect multiple forms of payment at one order.

5.7. SKYDECOR Ltd. implement on the SKYDECOR online store the term of delivery order realization.

5.8. Term of the order realization in SKYDECOR online store are: from 1 to 14 working days.

5.9. The ordered products are delivered to the customer via currier DPD, at the address indicated in the form of delivery.

5.10. The customer is obliged to check the shipment in the presence of Delivery provider and has the right to
require written protocol of the product damage made during the transport.

5.11. All purchasing products it’s sent by the currier DPD. Transport cost 12 pln in Poland.                                             Shipping fee for carpets is 50 zł per item, regardless of its size and weight.

5.12. SKYDECOR online store attaches to the delivery receipt or an invoice.

5.13. Customer of the online SKYDECOR store by the moment of sending goods will receive the confirmation (at the e-mail address indicated on the order form) from delivery provider which will include the date of delivery, phone number to the Courier and parcel number to track and trace the delivery.

5.13.1. The customer can contact the office of the courier company, and has the ability to track the parcel by using the broadcasting number.

5.13.2.In the case of absence of the customer at the address given in the order form, shall call the courier to the indicated phone number in the order form, to arrange with the customer an alternative time or date of delivery. The will be few attempts of delivery as well.

5.14 Customer Shopping in the SKYDECOR store from amount of 150.00pln transport free of charge in Polnad, excluding carpets (see section 5.11).


6.1. SKYDECOR offers goods free of physical and legal defects, and is liable to the customers under the warranty.

6.2.SKYDECOR as soon as it is possible will replace the defective goods or remove defect of the product. The costs of repair or product replacement shall be hold by SKYDECOR.

6.3. If the replacement or repair of defective goods during the warranty period is impossible, for example because the product is sold out and reclamation is accepted, SKYDECOR returns the total cost of purchase of the product to the customer.

6.4 The warranty period on all products purchased by SKYDECOR online store passes, after two years, from the date of purchase of the goods by the customer.

6.5. The customer can withdraw from the contract of purchase of the product for any reason within 14 days from the date of purchase and send back not used and open purchased product to SKYDECOR, box and product cannot be damage, allowing further for resell it.

6.6. Return product sent to: Świebodzińska street 76, 60-162 Poznań, Poland


8.1. Regulations are in force on the date of publication on the SKYDECOR online shop.

8.2. Regulations may change.

8.3. All orders accepted by the shop for realization, are based on the currently existing rules in force on the date of the order by the customer.

8.4. The content of the changes will be published on the store’s website 7 days prior to their introduction.

8.5. In matters not covered by these rules apply generally applicable provisions of Polish law. The competent court to hear disputes is the court competent for the company SKYDECOR Ltd.
In the case of a dispute under the sale agreement , the parties will seek to resolve the matter amicably.


9.1. Internet shop of service SKYDECOR use the cookies, Cookies for administrate the sales statistics, amount of visits, and time visits, analysis.

9.2.Accordance with the applicable provisions of the Act of 16 July 2004. Telecommunications Law (Journal of Laws of 2014 poz.243) You have the right to decide on access cookies to your computer through their former range in the window of your browser.

9.3. Administrator reserves the right to collect the IP addresses of visitors to the website of the Service, which can be helpful in diagnosing technical problems with the server, creating a statistical analysis (eg. Determination of which areas listed are the most visits). In addition, they may be useful in the administration and improving website Service.


10.1. The personal data collected by the Administrator have direct access only to authorized employees or associates Administrator and authorized persons engaged in the operation of the Service, which has been granted the appropriate authorization or contained relevant agreement for the under Art. 31 of the Act of 29 August 1997. Protection of Personal Data (i.e., 2014. Item. 1182, as amended.).

10.2. Users personal data may be disclosed to entities authorized to receive them under applicable law, in particular the relevant judicial authorities.


11.1 This Privacy Policy does not include any information about the goods or services of other parties than the Administrator, which were posted on the Website commercially guest, on a reciprocal basis or not intended as a commercial reaching effect.


12.1. Administrator declares that processes personal data of Users in accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997. On personal data protection (Dz. U. of 2014, item. 1182, as amended.), And that applies technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of the processed data appropriate to the risks and category of data being protected, in particular, protects your personal data before making them available to unauthorized persons, loss or damage.

12.2. Any additional questions regarding this Privacy Policy should be directed to the address of the administrator specified in this document or e-mail: info@skydecor.pl


60-162 Poznań


NIP 7792434774

REGON 362596676